Auditing: “Women and Gender in Islam”

February 10, 2011

I have the good fortune right now of being able to audit a college class called “Women and Gender in Islam.” It wasn’t specifically in the plan, but after only a couple of sessions I can see that it’ll provide plenty of blog fodder: the professor is phenomenal, and since it’s a discussion class, it’ll be great to hear others’ perspectives on a set of highly related topics.

It’s like a turbocharged jump-start of topics to think about, which is SO convenient.

The reason I bring it up is to explain that my experience in the course will give my posts an inevitably academic bent, at least for the next few months. Its syllabus includes a whole bunch of relevant and valuable texts, so I’ll likely be referring and responding to them throughout. While I don’t want to rely on the class too heavily, I can’t pretend it won’t affect this blog.

More than anything else, this is me forcing myself not to plagiarize, because I know I’ll want to!


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