Hijab and Sexism

May 27, 2011

The institution of hijab is undeniably gender-normative and discriminatory. I find this is true for most things, except maybe toothpaste (unquestionably unisex) and Crocs (universally ugly). The question I’ve been pondering, however, is this:

Is the world sexist because of practices like hijab, or are practices like hijab in place because the world is sexist?

(Either way, it’s unfair, and enough to get one fuming.)


One Response to “Hijab and Sexism”

  1. Freewoman Says:

    The world is sexist because of practices like the hijab. Modesty of the person’s soul has nothing to do with what a person wears, but it does reflect the control purpose behind it. Plenty of women who have impure hearts are completely covered and the reverse also exists.

    If a woman’s self esteem is dependent SOLELY on what she wears or doesn’t, then she’s got major issues and not just self esteem.

    As for men, it’s convenient. They get to control whether subliminal or not and guilt is just one way.

    It also implies that human males are incapable of self control as if common beasts to see an uncovered female head, arms, whatever and they are not; humans are very capable of self control and this is just a weak argument for rationalization of if a man commits a sin or worse, a crime, because he sees a woman who is dressed “immodestly.” It places the blame on the woman rather than the perpetrator who is the man as well as the society that promoted this mindset ( i.e sexual harassment to rape) and the “blame the victim” has been used for centuries by all organized religions and all nations in order to control women and that’s just wrong because women are human too.

    If it’s a woman’s choice to cover anything, let it be her choice and not a guilt trip etc. by her society, religion, etc. Maybe some women have low body temperatures and just feel warmer i.e. and that’s ok or a fashion statement etc., but not ever to control her.

    People’s hearts and minds are free and should not be imprisoned.

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