Return from Summer Vacation

August 2, 2011

I’ve been feeling guilty about neglecting this blog; since I don’t have too much else in the way of creativity going on, this would be one worthy project to keep going with.

The problem—and there always is one—is that originally the whole idea was “to lay out the reasons principally for myself,” and then I went and turned it into something for other people to validate. Audience in mind, I focused a lot more energy in coming up with light, interesting, relevant and varied posts (rather than what was actually on my mind). But truthfully, it was also that the hijab (as a concept) just wasn’t ON my mind as often as three to four times a week; I didn’t have to justify it to myself quite that often, and so I had nothing to say.

Finally, the actual goal—laying out an explanation to encapsulate all my feelings on the subject—proved to be MUCH MORE DIFFICULT than I ever imagined, if not totally impossible.

With that challenge presented, though, I guess I’m resigning myself to keep trying for it. I just have to keep developing my vocabulary and the means to explain myself.


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