Girls Who Wear Hijab

August 13, 2012

Girls who wear hijab, as opposed to girls who don’t, are more likely to make me feel self-conscious, insecure, and critical of myself. Generally, they are composed, polite, widely accomplished, and (most importantly) articulate, of which I’m particularly jealous.

They are usually (generalizing again here) successful human beings, and the fact that they possess the extra grace and security to express it visibly with hijab fills me with envy. It might be surprising and in some cases totally inaccurate for me to say this, but a lot of hijab-wearers I know exude a “devil-may-care” attitude about society’s demands on their lives and bodies. It’s very attractive.

The running theme here is self-confidence. In my limited experience of friends, family and acquaintances, girls who wear hijab value themselves more highly than their similar-aged counterparts. Sometimes this translates as arrogance, which is an unfortunate byproduct, but usually that’s not the case, because these self-confident hijabis are also—incredibly and unbelievably—good people.

Girls who wear hijab love their parents and their siblings, and they show it in ways I could never imagine. They serve their communities while everyone else is too busy running around; they’re running around, too, meaning they get more done than the rest of us. They can be shortsighted and judgmental, but more often they’re generous, forgiving and kind. They are effortlessly sincere.

Girls who wear hijab are by no means perfect and, like I said, they do sometimes make me feel inadequate. But a few that I know are some of my favorite people in the whole world, and I’m grateful to have every one of them in my life.


6 Responses to “Girls Who Wear Hijab”

  1. Salam! Your blog is awesome. Btw, i am Yna from the Philippines. 23, and like you I am a Muslim woman who loves fashion and blogging. I just started my blog last year, last July 2012 to be exact. Here’s the thing, i wanted so badly to promote my blog and at least build networks will all Muslim women who are into blogging about their fashion statements, if possible. Could you give me suggestions re it. And I will be very happy if you consider me your new friend, sister in Islam. i hope i can hear from you! Thank you 🙂

  2. Fiza Says:

    Wearing hijab is a personal matter but who perform this duty as religious duty, it makes them more pure and the best way to pay obligation. Hijab itself is a fashion where the woman looks decent.

  3. Toko Sangkar Says:

    hijab is beautiful

  4. epulkatama Says:

    hijab is very nice, very beutiful,,, nice story,,,,

  5. Good post. Nice story.

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